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Music Manic
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Volume comparator

Post by Music Manic »

Could a device compare the volume difference between two audio signals and make them the same level?

For example if a DJ has two tracks and one is louder than the other could he pre-monitor them both to make them the same audio level before mixing?

I know it can be done by ear but a visual effect would be good, or is that what you use a K-level monitor for?


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Re: Volume comparator

Post by ronnie »

A cheap solution might be to use one or two BEHRINGER COMPOSER PRO-XL MDX2600's. AFAIK there are no real-time normalizers. You would need to normalize the waveform files first in like Sound Forge. Compression and limiting is not the best option as the sound may get colored up, song dynamics messed up and distorted but... maybe chain of compression, enhancement and finally limiting a tweaked by ear might get you close to a real-time solution so....

You might be able to tweak a chain like that on this guy live:



With the M/S inserts you might be able to duck the channels with each other so one can compensate for the other. I don't know if that's advisable but seems like that could work, even though I don't think that's what it's meant for. It wouldn't be the first time that trying stuff out that wasn't meant to work really worked out the best. Just carry spare fuses or etc. :o

And then again SCOPE Optimaster on each track would probably do the trick - and could be real-time and even saved as presets according to the program material, done. :wink:
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Re: Volume comparator

Post by garyb »

that would not be a good idea, although it might not be completely impractical. just a limiter would kinda work, but it would also surely suck.

any good RMS meter should get you pretty close. a DJ usually previews what he's got coming up in his phones, but a meter would always be helpful.

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Re: Volume comparator

Post by jhulk »

phono pre amps with output meters would be the best thing that way you can adjust the preamp level to match either the deck1 or deck2 channel before mixing it in on the mixing desk

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Re: Volume comparator

Post by JoPo »

Music Manic wrote:Could a device compare the volume difference between two audio signals and make them the same level?
Such device would be makable in modular, with envelope follower and a compare module (substraction calculation) between the signal you want to follow and the signal you want to adjust.. Very easy to write but.... :D

I wanted to make such thing here : http://www.bcmodular.co.uk/forum/viewto ... ?f=5&t=286
Modulars pro adviced me to simply use a comp / limiter processing.
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