Wanting to purchase Creamware CDs

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Re: Wanting to purchase Creamware CDs

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valis wrote: Sun Jul 17, 2022 4:47 am Chickensys and the other conversion app (CDXtract?) both worked with varying degrees of (greater) success, as did I believe kontakt import then conversion.
Yep, I used CD-xtract for AKAI to Halion 2 and AKAI to Kontakt 3 or 4 (can´t remember).
It worked,- but the biggest difference is sound.
EMU didn´t work well for Halion 2 and needed LOTS of edits after conversions.

I believe STS being the closest to AKAI hardware sound,- and my tech and friend, being Scope user too, confirmed.
We have the original hardware,- I alone own 4 AKAI (working S1K and S1.1K, 2 spares), 2 Oberheim DPX-1 w/ ext. outputs options and 1 EMU E64.
But we recapped S1K PSUs last week and I plan sales.
So, I need working conversions "soon".


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Re: Wanting to purchase Creamware CDs

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Thanks everyone for the feedback! I mentioned this before, but for anyone who isn't aware, I have changed my mind and I now want the software installation CDs ONLY! If anybody has them, please come forward.
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