questions on migration to Xite

The Sonic Core XITE hardware platform for Scope

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questions on migration to Xite

Post by nebelfuerst »

I currently switch from scopepci to Xite.

Some devices (incl. their presets) show a suffix of "X" in the xite-directory.

Are these devices Xite-optimised or are they just the same like in the PCI directory ?

Are the presets any different between the "X" and the "no X"-versions ? Can I just load my old presets to devices with "X" ?

I use a lot of legacy devices. Is there a "best practice" how to use them in Xite ?
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Re: questions on migration to Xite

Post by garyb »

yes, the X devices are optimized for XITE. they are the same as the PCI devices, for the most part. you should be able to use your same presets.

most 3rd party/legacy devices will function the same with the XITE as with PCI.

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