best laptop for content writing?

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best laptop for content writing?

Post by lulu »

hey guys, just like the title says. I'm looking for a cheap laptop that can get me by a sort of crucial time in my life. I have been offered a mere job at a very low quality website. I don't have a personal computer right now and I was looking to get a new one. I have around a maximum of 370$ from savings. I just want something on which I can browse web, write articles. And that's pretty much it. I saw these type of articles but nothing seems to have an option below 400$. I really need to start that job as I am really running low on even food supplies. What do you guys suggest?

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Re: best laptop for content writing?

Post by al_bot »

a chromebook?
$180 - $999

i write in google docs and sheets most of time.
Photoediting i use or chrome plugin.
i ike notepad++ on pc. i think they have one for chrome

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Re: best laptop for content writing?

Post by valis »

You can find chromebooks as low as $80 on sale, keep your eyes peeled on and dealsites like's deals, arstechnica dealmaster and so on: ... -2019.html

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Re: best laptop for content writing?

Post by at0m »

something second hand? does it need to be a laptop?

how about and rpi3 or rpi4? if for website work, i suppose that's some LAMP stack, you can mirror such on the rpi's. if i may recommend raspbian, it's got great support. all my machines run debian, except for the daw.

my current daw is an old amd athlon. a friend threw it out many years ago. got that one for free. i suppose office style pc's with core2duo's or early i3/5 would come well within your budget, too. people worked on websites and stuff 20y ago, too.

ps; you realize this is a support forum for Sonic Core DSP cards? nothing in your posts tells me you're using these..
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