Working on a delay with auto pitch

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Working on a delay with auto pitch

Post by spacef »

Do we have something like this already on the Scope plateform ?

Could not resist posting a WIP audio file.
>>>> ... by-3-tests

It is yet another delay I am working on.

There is no modulator controlling the pitch, it is the delay-time, feedback, and all that control volume.... in addition to manual controls if desired (audio file begins as automatic, and the second half is me using the Pitch tuning manually).

let me know if you like what you hear. I may limit the pitch range so it does not go as high as heard at 00:31 s ...

It is far from being done, and will be available standalone (not part of any pack) and probably at a cool price for launch..
anyway, happy to hear whether youy like what you hear.

PS: only stock scope atoms, no secret module used ... just my Nth attempt at making this, it just took a long time and many tests before getting to a sound that is quite convincing (to me at least ) ... takes a bit more DSP than my other delays, and of course you can put the pitch modulation off...
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Re: Working on a delay with auto pitch

Post by t_tangent »

Sounds very interesting and something Scope doesn’t yet have as far as I recall. Will keep a look out for this when it’s available. Thanks :)
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Re: Working on a delay with auto pitch

Post by LunaMan »

Sounds cool. I'm using AMS DMX 15‑80 S for this substituted on some 80's tracks on which I used a Melos Tape Echo Chamber with the 'Time' knob for similar fx. On Scope, closest might be the dNa Tape Echo as it has the requisite Speed knob.
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