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Re: Status?

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valis wrote: Tue May 23, 2023 11:34 pm That would make sense, a unit that acts as a possible soundcard with standalone/built in processing capabilities would work well in the modern climate.
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Re: Status?

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Indeed, if true. I have no insight other than what we all have.
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Re: Status?

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the19thbear wrote: Tue May 23, 2023 10:39 pm ... a stand-alone thing that will have macos, windows and linux support.
... some sort of audio device. It would probably be released in about a year or so.
... not a normal sound card or anything like that.
Well,- I´m curious what it will be,- WHEN it is a standalone audio device but isn´t a soundcard or "something like that" and isn´t related to SCOPE at all.

The best for S|C is Win, Mac & Linux support.
That will generate more users/sales,- I hope.

Anyway,- "about a year or so" ...

Who knows if I´m still alive then ?


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