WANTED possibly

Have Scope hardware to sell or trade? NO DEALER POSTING ALLOWED.

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WANTED possibly

Post by fraz »


If anybody is selling any of the following I may be interested, that is, if you're selling:

Scope Professional ADAT - 24 I/O - 14/15 DSP card
Scope Professional XLR - ADAT I/O 14/15 DSP card
Pulsar 2 XLR balanced - ADAT or Z-Link cards

I'll leave this message here just in case anybody is wanting to sell any of the above - You can PM me if you like - Thank you.
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Re: WANTED possibly

Post by TheAce7 »

Hi i think i ve sent you before but can't see the message in my folders. So i have a pulsar 2 that i am trying to get a key from support because i have lost it. I jave the card and the breakout Cable with xlr in out aes and midi. If i manage to get a new key because they re not sending me and trying to force me buy v7 software for 165euro i will keep it. If not i m not seeing me paying v7 software and sell it. I can download v7 demo to check card working properly
So make me an offer if you re into it. Card has been used like 20 times for master record in my older studio and after i stopped using it cause i have a new master record system. Sits in a dry warm place here in Greece the last 10 years at least. It had some software included back then i dont know if buying the v7 will recover all of them, there are the free legend bundles in sonic core shop, i guess they re included there

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