Pro 12 Tuning Weirdness

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Pro 12 Tuning Weirdness

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Greetings. I'm new here, glad I found you.

I have a ASB Pro 12 which will not master tune on pitch with the master tune knob at the mid point(value 63) and other points, actually. At 63, it is 4 cents flat. At 64, it is 4 cents sharp... This is true for a number of pitches thru the range, only zero, 89 and 127 being dead on pitch. There are 2 other notes that are close enough(well, 7 cents flat and 1 cent sharp, so the 1 cent sharp value is usable) but the rest are out all audibly out and always a sum of 8 cents minus to plus on neighboring master tune values. I did the usual re-install the OS and clean the pot. I've chatted with Mathias(Ferrofish) and Gary(Sonic Core) and we are stumped.

Anybody out there seen this... heard this before?


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