New DDR4/m.2 motheboard with PCI slot?

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Peter Cherry
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New DDR4/m.2 motheboard with PCI slot?

Post by Peter Cherry »

Hi guys,
I would like to build a new powerful PC with DDR4 memory and M.2 storage. Are there any contemporary motherboards having PCI slot for old Pulsar card available? Or do you have experience with PCI to PCI-E adapters?
Thank you for any recommendations.
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Re: New DDR4/m.2 motheboard with PCI slot?

Post by mausmuso »

Hi Peter,
I recently UPDATED my main daw to be compatible with windows 11.
I bought an ASUS PRIME B460 Plus which has 2xPCI slots.
I installed a i9 10 core cpu and 64Gb of DDR4 RAM and M.2 SSD.

I do not have any SCOPE cards installed (I use XITE-1 only with that daw) so I cannot comment that side of things, but I am sure they would work fine with SCOPE 7.
I have ended up reverting my C: drive back to the original SSD (2Tb) and I intend to use the faster M.2 as my main sample library drive (Just waiting to make sure there are no issues with the cloned drive before reformatting the M/2 for its new role).

I went after this boards because it had the PCI slots and it was win 11 compatible.
I do have a Pulsar 2 card in another daw and I wanted to have the option to be able to swap it over should I see a need to do so.

My experience with this board has been very positive, but you might have trouble getting one as I had real trouble sourcing the MOBO back in Sept 2021. Finally got one from newegg.

Hope this helps
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