Nicolas Choukroun FX Plugins

Scope device files created using the Scope SDK

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Re: Nicolas Choukroun FX Plugins

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faxinadu wrote:
Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:55 pm
maybe SC itself should have a freebies section like user area or something, and try to collect as many of the free oldies officially there, maybe thats the best plan for long term preservence donno, just a thought.
Sure that's huge...with all those free plugins on sonic core website, that would be very incentive.

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Re: Nicolas Choukroun FX Plugins

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Mr. Arkadin you're up :D :D :D
Just kidding, you did an enormous job way back when to the point where there is little that I don't have already.

Maybe folks have forgotten about this link?

Some broken links but prob most still work.

dante/ehasting are kind enough to host a lot of Scope links/info on their sites but i think that uploading every Scope device ever created might overload?
Also: Right now Scoperise and Scope portal host the links on PlanetZ not the devices. I would think it would be polite to ask each developer for permission before hosting the device on a separate server?
Great idea to host on SC server but i really don't see that happening.

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Re: Nicolas Choukroun FX Plugins

Post by jksuperstar »

I think this might be solved by a configuration of the planetz/scopeusers server.

There is a possible addition to the phpBB Board Index, to search for posts with attachments, including .zip, .Dev, .mod, etc. Then you'd click on that link, and it would bring up a breakdown of all files uploaded to I've seen it in other forums ( has it for Nord Modular patches for example).

Maybe Valis can help?

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Re: Nicolas Choukroun FX Plugins

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Thanks for the links Guppy !

Much Appreciated.

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