useing vst in scope

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useing vst in scope

Post by cjgo »

I have unzipped a vst zip file to the plugin folder on my scope.
should'nt I be able to open the device from there and place it in my routing window.
right now I get a very quick hourglass then nothing.
also what is xtc mode...

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Re: useing vst in scope

Post by the19thbear »

No. You Can only use scope plugins in scope. The plugins run on special processors on the scope card and they Can only run scope plugins.
Xtc mode is when you use the scope plugins inside cubase/reaper etc. But i Think you should play around with scope first to undrstand the concept. Then we Can talk later about xtc mode. :)

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Re: useing vst in scope

Post by dante »

Heres a quick blurb about XTC mode.
View ScopeRise latest issue at

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