Will Gregory Moog Ensemble

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Ben Walker
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Will Gregory Moog Ensemble

Post by Ben Walker »

Just came back from this:
http://www.ocmevents.org/ocm/events/wil ... ogensemble

It was awesome.

Playing in Birmingham tomorrow night and elsewhere beyond that: http://www.willgregorymoogensemble.co.uk/

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Mr Arkadin
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Re: Will Gregory Moog Ensemble

Post by Mr Arkadin »

Sadly I am working on the London date. :( Saw Morton Subotnick last week so that's something.


Re: Will Gregory Moog Ensemble

Post by hubird »

A great project and a nice idea, that's for sure.

The link to the vimeo starts with a beat of straight notes as opposed to based on triplets.
But when the keys come in they play real swing time, and keep on doing that.

You could do that as a special trick somewhere in an arrangement, but you can't have two different timing based rhythm layers continuously at the same time.

I can't listen to this, it's terribly unmusical actually.

You doubtless had a nice time at the concert, Ben, so don't let mho disturb your nice experience, but to me this is like (old) Kraftwerk using a swing time beat, but then the other way around :D
Hm, that would make a James Brown with a straight rock beat. Eeek.

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