pulsar 15 dsp card for sale

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pulsar 15 dsp card for sale

Post by the19thbear »

Thought I was getting back to scope, but I have realized that the platform is not for me for now. Just signed on a house and will need to collect all the cash i can to get money for fixing stuff.
So scope must go sadly.

Comes with v7 of the scope sdk along with scope v7
dNa-Tape Echo

The card has one issue though!

Midi input via the midi in DIN is not working correctly. You get garbled midi.
I have taken apart the DIN plug itself to check it. But could not detect any errors. The housing of the MIDI in is therefore broken. (you can solder another on easily).

This might just be a cable whip problem or it might be a plate problem or it might be an issue with the card itself.

I can run midi into it fine via a usb/midi interface.
Other than that I have not run into any problems at all.

I don't really know the prices these days, but I'm asking 650 euro + shipping. (seems legit?)

I'm a long time user here (since early 2000s), so you should be able to trust me;)

Email me instead:
the19thbear ADD gmail DOT com

Have a great day

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