For Sale SC Xite-1 and SC A16 Ultra XLR 3500 euro

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For Sale SC Xite-1 and SC A16 Ultra XLR 3500 euro

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Dear community,

i'd like to sell my SC Xite-1 and SC A16 Ultra XLR and this software

SC 7
SC Modular v4
SC Prodyssey
SC Six-String
DAS Master IT EQ
DAS C350
DAS comp AI
dNa Summer-of-82
dNa Super8Tracker
dNa MonoCOM
dNa StereoCOMP
dNa-Tape Echo
FleXor 2+3
G.O.S.T. Harmonic Bundle
SpaceF Fat Inserts
Zarg Ambient
Zarg Dark Star
Zarg Orion Custom
Zarg Orion Custom EX (Solaris 5.0)
Zarg Pro One
Zarg Pro-Wave
Zarg Q-Wave
Zarg Red Dwarf
Zarg Rotor Seq

I bought SC Xite-1 from Sonic Core. It always worked and works perfectly but has some scratches. Also i replaced the original old adapter with a new better one.
The SC A16 Ultra was bought two years ago, it was a demo unit in a big store and looks hardly used. It was repaired by Ferrofish because the adapter died and the unit didn't work anymore. It works perfectly now.

The reason for selling: I bought a Steinberg AXR4T and built a new powerful pc with a fully optical thunderbolt cable connecting the pc and the interface to get rid of electromagnetic interference and high frequency noise. The sound quality is unbelievable, i sold my monitors in order to upgrade and decided to go native with as less gear as possible. Although i have to admit that the Xilte-1 build quality is better than AXR4T.

The price is including shipping within EU and paying per bank transfer. If you want to pay per PayPal, add the PayPal fees.

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