STM4896 w/ 32 MIDI Channels

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STM4896 w/ 32 MIDI Channels

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I cannot believe Scope had the foresight to make this possible.

My VSTi's have many MIDI channels and outputs, hence the need for the mighty STM4896. I have never even opened this until yesterday. 6 AUX's !! This is really sick.

I have added a Yamaha TX816, along with the Studio Electronics SE-1X. Also have the Lexicon PCM91, and the Alesis Q20 hardware reverbs. That's the hardware that's all routed via ADAT and AES/EBU I/O's.

Scope (2) ADAT A Source runs a mono signal of the SE-1X analog synth into a mono in of the 4896. Scope (2) ADAT B Source is the 8 outs of the Yamaha TX816 into the DX Router Modular 8 x 8 patch, into 8 in's of the 4896.

Scope ( 3 ) SP/DIF Source is the AES/EBU's actually for the PCM91. The Alesis Q20 uses the Scope (3) ADAT A Source and Destination modules.

Then this is all used by 3 MIDI Source modules for 32 MIDI Channels. It actually can use more MIDI channels that I can load so far. This is sick, I am having a little bit of trouble still w/ the 3 keyboards and USB connections, but the MIDI is handled by a hardware DMC MX8 MIDI Patchbay, that functions perfectly.

I can use all of my Gigastudio libraries, and so far have mixed my VSTi samplers and their associated channels, and FM8 mixed w/ the TX816 is awesome sounding, but I am having trouble using the FM8 as the software GUI to control and edit the TX816.

Prowave is using 12 voice / 6 unison polyphony for a real thick sound, and the B2003 is being bussed out to the rotary after the BDX Valve device by HiFiBoom. It is also on the MTron VSTi for that real lo-fi preset that sounds so much like Bowie's Major Tom sound, and the Beatles Strawberry Fields Flutes,...Fuckin' A !! ProOne with it's new filters layered w/ a real hardware analog are just so FAT.

Celmo's Tape Sim, and his Stereo Echo-Rec take 2 more AUX's. Then SpaceF's Synth-FX and Wolf's Matrix Delay take AUX 5 & 6. I only optimised the project one time !! The 3 Pro card approach works great w/ high polyphony and high plug-in counts.

DAS's DynaPara is placed twice and the Pultec is used once, The DAS SL900 and Psy-Q are on the masters. Only 12 channels make use of the mixer's built in EQ's thus far. The project is still growing.

I could not have done this w/o the M$ 3GB PAE Switch. I am sure that these apps will all be upgraded to 64bit, even Scope. But what I am doing right now with this absurd amount of content doesn't need to be 64bit.

I will be trying to use combinataions of SpaceF, DAS, and Wolf mixers in a similar scenario. Their uses for Live work, Studio work, and live recording will be fun to use. A mixer for every occasion.

12 large Gigastudio libraries, 4 CPU hungry VSTi sampler instruments, and 1 VSTi synth. 4 Scope synths and tons of plugs. This is impressive and sounds impressive also. This will kill 'em live.

I am finally starting to use Scope's potential better. I have used it for 3 1/2 years now and can't believe I have only scratched the surface.

This is the best investment I ever made, as they have paid for themselves more than once, and are full of undiscovered treasures for years to come.

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