Gigastudio 4 w/ Scope

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Gigastudio 4 w/ Scope

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In 1999 CW had the foresight to implement GSIF Drivers. These worked really well.

Gigasampler was the King Of Samplers then. I cried as I struggled w/ my rack of Emulator's and Oberheim DPX Sample Players.

Gigastudio 160 came out, and Scope's drivers were still functioning well.

Then 2.54, then GS3. They still work flawlessley, and I still use 160, 2.54, and GS3 !! Old but extremely stable, and so much fun for live work.

When you never have a crash in 3 years time, that Dog Hunts.

Here again comes Gigastudio 4 w/ all of it's major enhancements, and Scope will still function flawlessley.

I am able to load a large amount of content w/ GVI under Bidule right now on an E6700 / DP965LT, w/o ever having a crash, and I push the envelope all of the time. Scope is one hell of a software achievement. Bravo !!

I was speaking w/ Brotha' Man Wolf about my upcoming hardware and software upgrades, as I was concerned about Scope being able to use 58 channels of Gigastudio 4 content using 2 ASIO 2 Modules. He told me it wasn't possible, my heart sank to my crotch, but he then said just use the 64 Channel ASIO 2 Driver. WTF !! I didn't even know they had one of those.

Were the fathers of Creamware that smart, and had the foresight to see the future?? I guess so. Now they are all returning to do what. Well I for one think they are going to do it again, only this time they will probably take us to the year 2020. I am speechless, and so impressed when I think about how all of this was designed back in the '90's, and has had little attention since then.

At any rate I can't load all of the content I wish as my CPU is maxxed out at 24 large libraries. But my next upgrade has been decided, and I only wait for Gigastudio 4 and the new hardware upgrade.

I find it amazing that Scope is ready, yawning, and waiting, Simply remarkable as my project pic demonstrates this well. My 3 cards are at about 90% in the DSP meter, but I have several delays, 3 x DAS DynaPara's w/ 2 SL9000's in the master outs of each mixer. Tons of FX, w/ Modular, B2003, Pro One, and ProWave w/ the usual high polyphony amount of 8 voices.

I Love Scope as much as my Dog Dosier. They both serve w/ no complaints, always function perfectly, lick my hands although no new devices or food is offered, and they are both major HUNTERS !!


I have dissconnected some modules for easier viewing. 2 seperate controllers to use 2 separate MIDI inputs, in this way I achieve 32 MIDI channel mixing in Scope live. A rack mounted hardware mixer handles 4 of the 5 A16U's sends, the other is routed to my rotary cabinet. Stereo sub is loopable via the Barbetta 32C's.


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