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Bud Weiser
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Re: Back on Scope

Post by Bud Weiser »

next to nothing wrote:
Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:31 am
Scope 7 ... . The main application runs in 32bit regardless if you run 32bit or 64bit systems.
Does that mean, WHEN running SCOPE 7 standalone on a separate machine, installing the 64Bit version makes no sense as long there´s no 3rd party DAW connected via ASIO and big sample libraries streaming from HDD/SSD/M:2 in the ball park on the same machine ?
next to nothing wrote:
Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:31 am
The main selling point of v7 is Win 10 compability, but the drivers leave a lot to be desired in that regard. There are also new and modified devs included in v7.
I bought SCOPE 7 for XITE and PCI, but didn´t install up to now,- decided to wait for v7.1 instead ...
"Unison" and "Drone" features in SCOPE synths and the sheppard generator are nice additions, but for the most I do not urgently necessary.

Now I wonder if I´d get everything from SCOPE 7 / 7.1 also in 32Bit as long as I run it standalone, which is what I do always anyway.
I´m fine w/ the native DAW apps and VST plugins on a different (Win7/ 8.1 or 10) 64Bit machine as also using ADAT and MIDI cables for DSP card/ XITE connectivity.
I´m also still in hope for Copperlan implementation in a upcoming S|C SCOPE 7 update, since I recognize they are still owning a Copperlan licence.
I imagine MIDI over LAN between SCOPE- and native DAW - machines in future and wonder if that ugently needs a 64Bit system then.
next to nothing wrote:
Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:31 am
You will have less issues if you stick to windows 7 rather than 10 in both Scope 5.1 and Scope 7.
I also learned there are also less issues when stick to 32Bit SCOPE 7 regardless which Windows version is in use ... XP, Win7, Win8/8.1 or 10.

No ?



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next to nothing
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Re: Back on Scope

Post by next to nothing »

I am planning on moving my cards to a seperate machine as well, probably this summer when AMD Zen 2 is out. When i do, i for sure will move to 32 bit, probably win 7 or XP. I see no reason to run 64 bit ont the standalone in this set up, and i will probably whine a lot less (I know someone will appreciate that :) ). Running Scope 7 in 32 bit windows will make more devices work rather than less, Scope itself runs in 32bit regardless as i mentioned, and i cant think of any Scope devices that runs exclusivly in 64bit windows (correct me if im wrong!).
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Re: Back on Scope

Post by garyb »

about the 32 vs. 64bit thing....

the GUI runs in 32bit. 64bit makes no difference to the dsps.
the driver and many other processes that run in conjunction with the computer's systems run in 64bit, in 64bit Windows.

atom, if everything works fine, then you are fine.

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Re: Back on Scope

Post by yayajohn »

Isn't there a 4GB RAM limit on 32bit? and that's why everyone has migrated to 64bit? Or one of the main reasons?

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Re: Back on Scope

Post by at0m »

garyb wrote:
Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:52 am
atom, if everything works fine, then you are fine.
indeed! once budget allows, i'll buy Scope OS 7 - 32bit again.
yayajohn wrote:
Wed Jun 12, 2019 12:53 pm
Isn't there a 4GB RAM limit on 32bit? and that's why everyone has migrated to 64bit? Or one of the main reasons?
indeed there is a 4GB RAM limit. currently my machine has 3 512MB sticks, and i got plenty headroom. could even replace those with 4x 1GB sticks if i ever needed.
then again, i don't need orchestral sample libraries or stuff like that, which would eat RAM like there's no tomorrow. i'm all good. and if i ever needed such, I got an RME card which has 3 pairs of ADAT IO. i don't see that for anytime soon.
another argument would be 64bit for headroom in mixers, and DAW coders touting other such bells and whistles. but seriously..

most pulsarians I know personally, still have their Scope OS on 32bit XP. it did a great job back then, and still does in 2019. some run Logic on their macbooks and use the Scope box over ADAT and MIDI as a sound processor, fx and synths box, while others still use XP for their DAW OS. and nothing connects like a Scope box stuffed with IO daughter cards =)

on top, there is a couple things that need CPU, that's the things that "don't work in 64bit" cos they need to be rewritten: that mod4 delay, STS5k formant pitching i suppose, and a couple others. so yea if anything, Scope doesn't gain from 64bit today, only DAW sellers do.

a little anecdote on the side: one light guy i used to work with for local parties still has all his DMX on a Win98 machine. nobody gets to fiddle with it. it does the job well, and if all goes well, will continue to do so. nobody's gonna convince him to move to another windows and loose all his patches and scenes in the process.

i don't want to turn this into a 32 vs 64 bit topic, but i'm happy we can use what we prefer :)
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Re: Back on Scope

Post by valis »

You can work around the 4GB limit on a machine that is running 32bit WinXP with the PAE extension, though I seem to recall in the final service pack this may have been changed and requires a patch to the HAL. A quick google shows that Win7/8 require a patch, but I'm working and didn't dig around enough to confirm my memory on the last SP for XP...

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