dNa-EffectRack v3 version available!!!

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Re: dNa-EffectRack v3 version available!!!

Post by yayajohn »

Yeah I love Ray's Racks. I wish someone with intimate knowledge of the reverb that it models would share some presets. I've accidently landed a few useful ones but it seems to me that device should be able to sound just as good if not better than any stompbox or vst reverb.

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Re: dNa-EffectRack v3 version available!!!

Post by dawman »

Actually sat down and made the sounds I really needed.
I sold Big Sky, a fantastic reverb but just not what I need.
Then went back to the Fireworx and was quite happy.
But dragging around another rack was bothering me so I tried Rays Reverb and it sounds as good as anything else Ive got, and no need to hook it up or drag around more hardwre.
Fireworx is a great MultiFX unit but Im liking Rays Reverb.
It has more editing than ny other Scope Reverb and you load several if needed.

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