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Ultimate FX Project

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I’m an Effects addict, so this is gold for me.

The dry channel is the top knob is any routing mixer the way I use it.
Then comes the dNa Pitch Shift knob, Strymon Mobius, Strymon Timeline and Strymon Big Sky.

The beauty of this is on certain FX you want ZERO dry audio and 100% effect.
Cranking up the selected effect(s) gives you deep rich effects.

On Tape Flange, or 4/6/8/12/16 Stage Phaser, Rotary, Ring Mod, Vibrato, Tremolo, etc.
It’s phenominal sounding, and Scope DSP FX really get a boost.
You don’t really need hardware unless you want those 70+ algorithms the Strymons bring to the game.
I ran into the S|C Room 5.1 and it sounds great, much better than an insert.

Try these 2 out and see for yourself.

Next experiment is Parallel Compression per channel.
I love the sound of strong ratio compression, blended with the same audio with no compression.
You get get a big tight sound.

I’m hoping to use the 2 AUXs on the 502 Mixer. AUX 1 will be a loop of itself, and AUX 2 will be sent to Vinco and back in.
So on each channel of Mix 502 you can bring in dry audio, maybe a FAT II or Soft Clip for shits and grins, but the heavy ratio Compressed audio is AUX 2 on each channel.

I’ll let you know how it goes.
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