Automaton WT-1000 Vol02 Ten Morphs - 1000 algorithmic wavetables just 2e

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Automaton WT-1000 Vol02 Ten Morphs - 1000 algorithmic wavetables just 2e

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Automaton WT-1000 Vol02 Ten Morphs
Ten wavetables with random base wave shapes controlled randomized harmonics and decimation are created. The first shape is amplitude and ring modulated with the others and then morphed in series from one to the next across the entire resulting table. Two tables are created this way and then morphed to create the final table. The algorithm randomizes all the available parameters and creates a new wavetable file at each pass, resulting in 1000 unique wavetables.

Cycles in each table file: 100
Cycle size: 2048 samples
File Format: .Wav 16 bit, 44100, mono

Automaton WT-1000 packs
An almost monthly edition of packs consisting of 1000 assorted morphed wavetables – Algorithmically generated, crushed, stitched & morphed – To use in your favorite wavetable synthesizers, like Defiant WT, Pathfinder WT or Polyphenom 2, XFer Serum and others! With each entry in the series we create a special program that creates wavetables based on an algorithm populated by randomized parameters. Load them up in your oscillators or as LFO – obtain interesting shapes and results – A fresh supply of wavetables, with frequent new packs from new algorithms added to the series.
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