Noah integration with Scope 5.1

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Noah integration with Scope 5.1

Post by Nebukadneser » Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:56 am

Note to myself:

Noah EX works well as an externsion of Scope 5.1 which runs on my main DAW. Audio has suceesfully been sent from Noah to Scop via ADAT. Noahs mixer allows the user to select destination of each mixer track, among these are analogue, Adat 1-2, Adat 3-4, Adat 5-6, USB 1-2 etc.

Test setup:
a) 1 instance of B2003 in the Noah mixer channel 1 sent to ADAT 1-2. This was triggered through midi from Ableton on my SCOPE DAW along the lines of DAW--> MIDEX 8X8 --> Noah.
b) audio in through NOAH analog input, using a M-audio Fasttrack pro for pre-amp. Bass signal through M-audio, routed directly through Adat 3/4 to Scope. Adat 3 defined as a mono channel in Ableton. No latency, good signal.
c) NOAH REMOTE runs on my Clevo XP machine from 2005 for controlling Noah using the graphic UI and for storing presets as the setup evolves.

d) next:add the Z-link break out box for additional inputs to Scope.
e) next: integrate the E-mu Ultra 6400 into the setup using its ADAT interface.


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