Noah Prophet 5 CCs?

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Noah Prophet 5 CCs?

Post by paugui »

Hi guys

I recently got a Creamware Pro 12 and since I was told in other post the sound should be the same as in the Noah, I was looking forward to do the test now that I am with both units.

In order to make a fair comparison, I wanted to use the Pro 12 as the control for the Noah, but unfortunately, it seems that none of the controllers actually have an impact in the sound of the Prophet 5 Device of the Creamware Noah...

I don't think the problem is in the MIDI Setup as it seems to be able to control quite some parameters of the Minimax, for instance.

Also, looking at the presets available, only the first two sounds of the Prophet 5 have names, while the others are nameless and all sound the same, so I'm kinda wondering if this is the same Device as the Profit5 that I could find a manual for.

My Creamware Noah is an EX Final Edition, so I think it's really one of the latest ones produced, and was hoping it would have that Device that I could notice is MIDI controlled.

Anyone here can guess that the problem might be?
I'd really like to have a go at both with the Pro 12 as the controller and then try to use my Nord Modular G2X as the controller to decide if I should keep the Pro 12 or not, as I kinda need money for some extra eurorack modules :P
But if I can't actually control the Noah with MIDI, it makes me quite unsure I should consider getting rid of the Pro 12, cause it really sounds good!

Thanks in advance,


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