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Old HW - new retro setup

Post by okvinge » Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:57 pm

So I’m dusting off some of my old hardware which has found its way into my studio over the years but is rarely or never in use anymore. Thing is that I have never ever come close to fully exploiting the creative potential of any of the HW units I own (or SW for that mattter), so it’s quite inspiring to set up a new system from scratch.

My retro setup consists of a Clevo XP laptop from 2005, 2.13 Ghz/2 Gb ram, 7200 rpm HDD, running Propellerhead Recycle 2.0 and Ableton 8.0. Connected via USB is my fully spec’d NOAH EX, (I have collected all synths) which is being used as a sound card. My E-mu ESI 4000 sampler, w/128 mb ram and 100 Mb ZIP drive is connected to my laptop via PCMCIA SCSI, and drum loops are successfully transferred to the ESI via SCSI from Recycle. The audio output of the sampler is connected to NOAH inputs. External MIDI controllers are Novation Launchad and a Behringer BCR2000. My Yamaha S80 synth is connected to NOAH Midi In, and the midi signal is echoed into Ableton via USB. The ESI sampler receives MIDI from the Noah by echoing the MIDI from USB to MIDI out – set up via the NOAH control panel.

This system works! Only problems encountered so far is the noise which enters the audio signal after 2-10 minutes. This has been a problem since I bought the unit new in 2007. I keep switching ASIO settings all the time, but have never found any stable setting.

Oh, and the BCR2000 cannot receive sysex dumps of the presets made by Hurolura for NOAH synths due to the current Java version. The editor is only compatible with Java 1.4 and older. May have to look into that as one of my ideas was to control the Noah synths using the BCR.

Just a little report from an enthusiast …

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