ADAT 96khz?

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ADAT 96khz?

Post by finfreluchette »


Is it possible to have more than 44khz with ADAT connection of Noah EX ?

(because my Scope is 96khz)

thanks you in advance !

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Re: ADAT 96khz?

Post by finfreluchette »

sorry I've just got the answer =)

slave mode and S/Mux must be selected in Scope samplerate settings

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Re: ADAT 96khz?

Post by m.my91 »

48 khz work in a 96 khz project with the non s/mux adat source and dest when scope is in slave clock mode.
the problem is that scope doesn't integrate 88.2 khz choice in the sample rate setting.
so you need to put scope in 88.2 khz.
it work i'have try this with protools and slave scope with protools clock at 88.2 khz! (scope show 96 khz at 88.2 slave mode but working at 88.2).
so try this:
putting scope pulsar in 88.2 khz slave mode.(with another device offer 88.2 khz clock out spdif or bnc for syncplate):EMU 1616 ... u1616m.htm
if you don't have the syncplate:
drag adat source and spdif dest in the scope project.
plug the adat source to the spdif dest.
built an spdif to bnc cable (with a tv 75 ohms câble) and plug the spdif out to the bnc in of the noah.
(the noah will probably find the clock of the adat source 44 khz of the scope via the pulsar spdif out)
44 khz because you drag a 44 khz adat source in a 88.2 the adat send the half of 88.2= 44khz.
now noah plug the adat naoh out to the adat scope dest in you will able to use your 8 noah adat out in a 88.2 scope project.
(i don't test the bnc/spdif câble but it's the same impedance and apperently it works: ... spdif.html

if you don't have a clock or a 88.2 khz master clock try this.
put scope in master 96 khz.
drag adat 48 khz source and spdif dest plug it together.
and plug the spdif bnc cable in the noah putted in slave mode.
perhaps the noah is capable to work at 48 khz.

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Re: ADAT 96khz?

Post by garyb »

what is the attraction of 88.2k?

it's not just double the samples of 55.1, so that you can just throw out half the info when downsampling. downsampling from 88.2 is just about the same amount of destruction as downsampling from 96k. both involve interpolation and the errors that this creates.

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