cool analog session

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cool analog session

Post by nebelfuerst »

If you want to see the world of hardware modular synths controlled by two geniuses, watch this vid.
I wish, I had 10% of their skills 8)
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Re: cool analog session

Post by David »

Thank you

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Re: cool analog session

Post by dawman »

Love the way they grove too making it fun instead of all serious.

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Re: cool analog session

Post by t_tangent »

Looks like a couple of old Skool ravers who've just gone in to their allotment shed for a quick lunchtime jam before going back to tend their vegetables. Great session though, makes me want to drop a White Dove :)
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Re: cool analog session

Post by Marco »

These guys are really cool! Sounds good to me and not boring.
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Re: cool analog session

Post by yayajohn »

LMAO! Love the first comment posted on You Tube. Great jam session. very cool machines too.

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