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Forum Members Attention

Post by dawman »

I just wanted to tell folks here than Ken Suguro has been going through Chemo Therapy and returned to Japan.
Such a valued member and fine human being.

A shout out for support would make his day as he would never post about this here, so I will.
Hope he isnt mad.

Also we lost JoPo of France.
Valued Scope user and Solaris owner, a true Scope 4 Life man.
He too was thinking it was considerate not to let members here know what he was going through.
I say bull shit. We are all brothers of the DSP and Music.

He will be missed.

But a shout out to Ken as he fights for his family and himself.

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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by Ripper »

I wish the best for Ken and family.
Be strong Ken Suguro.

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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by t_tangent »

Sorry to hear this news but I wish Ken a full recovery with the chemo and hope he pulls through at this difficult time.

Sorry also to hear about Jopo.

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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by David »

Thats some sad song news, jv
Jopo gone and a unique sound too. His solid input here on the Z which will be sorely missed
Kick can sirs butt in to the next century, Ken, reading your posts on music theory got me thinking more musically. Best wishes and strength to your fight

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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by valis »

Prayers with you Ken, I hope we hear from you soon.

Sad to hear about Jopo. You guys wouldn't have known it but he had a scheduled donation. It wasn't very large, but never missed one, until then they stopped processing his account. Sad to hear fears confirmed, but I hope he rests well.

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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by yayajohn »

Sad to hear about Jopo, was wondering where he was since he was such an active member here until recently.
Ken, hope you recover quickly. Stay with us brother!
(Thanks for the post JV I think you are exactly right about us sticking together like that)

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Peter Drake
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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by Peter Drake »

I'll miss JoPo. While I never interacted with him directly, his humor and sometimes awkward English (better than my French) were a valuable part of this community for me.

Best of luck and hopes toward a positive outcome for Ken.

In real life I do work in molecular biology and virology, which often intersects with oncology. Cancer is over 400 different diseases that are unbelievably difficult to understand, prevent, and mitigate. We've conquered very few so far, and I hope someday to make a meaningful contribution to the field.

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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by garyb »

all my best wishes....

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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by GordonGekko »

Best of luck to Ken, and rip JoPo.. so sad

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Bud Weiser
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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by Bud Weiser »

Ken, hang in there !
Good luck and all the best wishes thinkable !

Jopo,- damn !

That´s sad.
How old was he ?


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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by spacef »

I would like to chime in to pay my condolances to JoPo. He passed away in mid-June, and kept participating to this forum until the end of May.
I was informed of his passing recently (actually, at the end of June but did not see the message until a few weeks ago - this made me feel quite bad, I was buzy with my own life and simply did not see the notification until recently ). I tried to contact his nephew who wrote to me, with no luck so far. I will probably not insist further. I did not know his age, never met him in person, but we exchanged on several occasions through this forum PM. He never told me about his condition, we spoke about Eurorack and sound design.

Courage to Ken. Many people can cure successfully (as it happend to 2 members of my family during the last two years, who had chemiotherapy and are now fine). So it is possible to recover nowadays, and I hope the very best to you.

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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by Nestor »

JoPo was one of my preferred musicians on the Z due to the fact that we both love Pat Metheny and fusion music so much. I’m sorry. Thank you JoPo for all the fun we had together in here, thank you for all of your great music!

I guess it is something very personal, I mean, I hope we are doing the right thing talking to Ken openly. I would not done this without his consent, but I understand very well the goal and now that we know, I have to say that Ken is one of my preferred composers in here, since the beginning of the Z forums.

Brother Ken, we now are friends, after so many years and sharing. You are such a great guy, we love you very much!

If you want to, I would love to be in touch with you, all you have to do is sending me a PM so I know you want to, and I will be very happy to answer. I could be of help for you, most probably, because of the successful experiences of several friends of mine regarding this particular illness.

Big hug and lots of good vibes for you brother!
*MUSIC* The most Powerful Language in the world! *INDEED*

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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by dante »

Best wishes to Ken and hopefully some recovery. Jopo a great musician and contributor will be missed.

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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by Sounddesigner »

Wish you a full recovery, good luck! I've been going threw my own health problems and know that such can make one stronger in the end. Take care!

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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by Ditykman »

Hello all

We are with you ken.
I'm so sad for Jopo


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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by jksuperstar »

Ken - thanks for returning to these forums with comical and corny commercials, sketches of sound delight, and stories of confronting compositions. When things get overly technical around here, you have always kept the focus on music. Thanks! Best of wishes and all success to you!!

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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by ronnie »

Oh boy! RIP Jopo, lost a long time friend. Things won't be the same.

Ken, you are a genius, hang in there, may you have a speedy and total recovery.
"I’ve come to the conclusion that synths are like potatoes, they’re no good raw—you’ve got to cook ‘em, and I cooked these sounds for months before I got them to the point where they sounded musical to me." Lyle Mays

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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by bosone »

very sad to read this!
I remember Ken Suguru back in my first days in this community (almost 20 years ago!?!?!?)
that's a pity, I hope he's going well and he will recover.

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Re: Forum Members Attention

Post by at0m »

Oh wow.

All the best to Ken - You have lots of tunes yet to make, fella!

And my condolences to those close to JoPo, may he rest in peace..
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