Request: Is there Scope device comparable to Fabfilter Pro-C

Request a new device/modular module, and hope that some enterprising developer grants your wish!

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Request: Is there Scope device comparable to Fabfilter Pro-C

Post by » Sat Oct 18, 2014 12:23 am

Back after several years...Hi planetz forum, good that you are still alive!!!!!!
I have been looking for some VST Compressor Stuff the recent days and stumbled over Fabfilter Pro-C which seems to be a real beast. ... or-plug-in. Have just watched some videos on youtube!
Is there something comparable available in Scope nowadays? I mean it seems a great choice for sophisticated Compressor-Sidechaininig. It offers many enhanced feature like analysing the side chain frequency spectrum to be able to use only certain bands for the input. You can use this feature for instance for the high frequencies of a kick drums initial kick-phase to duck a basslines low spectrum. Or just compress a certain band in the target signal, like just compress or filter the low frequencies of a bassline. I remember that the STM48 offers compressors and sidechaining, but just the "usual" way...

Thanks in advance

P.S.: Though it is the wrong place to post some "work" I hope you don't mind me posting some links. I have been reluctant using Scope for some time now, mostly doing stuff with cubase 7.5...I gives me all functions in one place and offers very nice automation capabilities. Scope is somehow falling behind in my way of doing things :-( Anayways here's some songs or fragments of my recent work...please don't be angry about some of the fragments stop all over sudden, I'm lazy, I hate sitting there for ages to finish a song :-( Some of the fragments work in a loop by the way ;-)
1.) ... meadow.mp3
2.) ... ticles.mp3
3.) ... 3_2_V3.mp3
4.) ... s-Mehr.mp3
5.) ... tional.mp3
7.) And finally an oldie...only one in the rwo with heavy scope usage ... reativ.mp3

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