midi velocity plugin (AbletonLive)

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midi velocity plugin (AbletonLive)

Post by FernandoHood »

Simple trick I have tried a allot times and I always get some interesting results. I use it in all my midi tracks from Drumtracks, Melodies & basslines in both soft synths and hardware synths.

Pay attention to your midi plugin section in abletonlive,
insert the "velocity" plugin in your miditrack , push "drive" and "comp" parameters a bit! maybe a bit of "random" too why not? and check the results :)

"Drive" and "Comp." can give you the extra punch or expression to melodies, you can give this a try before going for transient compressor or adding other effects, this might give u the extra attack and punch you needed.
The Random section can make your melodies wider (specially if, per example, theres pan modulation linked to velocity in your synth), or it can also make your drum tracks feel a bit more "human" , pretty cool in closed hats, rides, etc

pretty handy guy to insert in all your midi tracks. Can be a both a time saver or a quick way the get a bit MOre out of your synth!
I havent found a midi velocity plugin has good has this in scope or vst, but i confess i havent rly looked much since this is one of my gotos :lol:
(Ican make a video if you want!)
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Re: midi velocity plugin (AbletonLive)

Post by Secret Test Kitchen »

That's a really great trick, and yes, a video would be really cool! Much more sophisticated than my solutions. I change the velocity or note length while listening to a loop for a while. I also set the velocity on my MIDI keyboard to be full on most of the time, so it's like a synth and not a piano. I only use velocity sensitivity for certain drum sounds, like bongos or other hand drums.

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