Cheap PSU for xite1

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Cheap PSU for xite1

Post by guppy » Mon May 30, 2016 12:39 am

I'd like to share a tip for xite1 psu.
My xite1 had a problem with its psu some months ago, and i found that one of my cpl unit could bring power to xite for cheap, like this one:
it's easy to find in France, as this freeplug is provided by french internet provider "Free" when you suscribe.

Specs are : ... 1978201664

the cpl 200M i use is 12V 3A, but the 500Mb one is 2.5A. Of course , as it's french one, it's 50Hz.

It needs a small adaptor to put in xite, but usually it's sold with it, like this one : ... 3d1b93a812

it's running smoothly since months, so i think i can share this information with you without any risk for your xite.
In the same time, i can use the cpl part of the psu and avoid wifi, which is perfect ! :)

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