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Re: MINIMAX v7 GUI Pot Study 2020

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Its not documented but it seems you have robust and standard keyboard use on controls. It has undo, vertical arrow keys, start/end, 0-9... different ways to set a control only with keyboard and also mouse coordinates and mouse wheel (I only use wheel for everything i have not midi mapped, for me it is fast and precise enough in 98% of controls).

I have found that Keyboard use sends same values as mouse use so theres no difference about using one or the other. This is good! because proves me that mouse is not cause of the 6 options pots annoyance and GUI has no bugs itself.

About accesibility, Only by adding TAB key and CTRL+TAB for selecting controls sequentially (with automatic visual feedback also, oops!) as in Windows, and Scope could easily get the certification for accesibility. With this kind of certification you can avoid never ending trolling discussion about never perfect GUIs. MS Windows needed lots of refactoring, versions, updates to become the standard pc GUI.
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FIX |Re: MINIMAX v7 GUI Pot Study 2020

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Bud Weiser wrote: Fri Apr 10, 2020 7:26 am ...Then, Minimax has a graphic bug in regards of it´s octave/footage switch.
Typing from my head I think it was in OSC #1 ... maybe #2 (?) ...
It annoys me all the time because it looks different than it sounds. ...
BUG fixed:
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