Setting Up Your FX Using AUX Channels

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Setting Up Your FX Using AUX Channels

Post by dawman » Sun Sep 01, 2019 8:28 pm

RoyT’s Maus SpaceF give us Stereo AUX Channels.
I use these for FX and most folks know the tricks for these, but in case you don’t, here’s a great way to take our DSP FX and make them envelope the audio better like hardware FX.

You could use a Master FX Module to insert your favorite Reverb.
I do this for hardware but it works great for dNa, DAS, Scope and ReLab.

Notice my settings. Do this because you need to boost the Wet Signal, and cranking up the AUX Trim, not the fader, also plays an important part.

But RoyTs Mixer has an excellent suite of EQs for each AUX that really helps too.
I show how I boost the low end to get my verbs to sound really good, but I’m using a Blue Sky Strymon Pedal that’s a DSP Based unit with MIDI and Stereo.

Just thought I’d share because some board player working opposite of me has the usual paper thin sounding Reverb where only the tail is heard because he’s not pushing the effect in his mixer properly.
He heard my FX and was begging me to show him what I used, and it’s not because I have the Big Sky, it sure has unique algorithms and sounds great, but so do our DSP verbs.

It’s all about making these suckers wet and driving them.
Old Lexicon verbs ran 100% wet and sounded like the audio was enveloped in the sound, not just some tail lingering on.
I personally don’t use the long tailed stuff much because it muddys up my other sounds f using a few zones worth of samples and synths.

Anyways, have fun.
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Posts: 13560
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Re: Setting Up Your FX Using AUX Channels

Post by dawman » Tue Sep 17, 2019 8:16 am

My FX sound really good but they are DSP so their precision is high definition, with Timeline being the only pedal where tone and grit help shape the sound.
My reverbs and Modulations are all really clean except the dirty rotary control.
I wanted this in the phasers and wah wah as well as reverbs.
Broke out the old SpaceF FATs, stuck it in AUX FX insert and Viola, I just love it when things work.

But then I remembered SpaceFs dirty EQ and used it to replace RoyT s EQ and the FATs.
Perfect tool.
Unfortunately I cant send a preset without the mixer changing.

Not to fear, use the MIDI Shell, then as an external FX royted into the mixer.

Now a Filter in Maus MIDI Device wont let any PrgmChng messages to the Drawbar device or mixer.

Sweet thang.

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