How do you mix?

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multitracking a drumset?

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To come back a bit to atoms question from last year.
A funny but more interesting way to place all tracks nicely in your final mixdown is the `visual mixing´.

First I saw this kind of mixing in the BeOS. It had a small program to place WAVs in a 3D room. The position of the columns/WAVs marked their panorama settings and the height of the column represented its volume.

Today there is something similar from spinaudio. The <a href=" ... escription"> The 3D Panner Studio </a> - The version I had was meant to be listened in headphones, though. Maybe a new version has crosstalk cancelation now?

It´s very recreative to be able to place an instrument in a virtuel song room, freely.
Ideas like, this must be more to the front or this more into the back corner, can be put into practice, easily.

I haven´t used the panners of cwa´s surround mixers, maybe the result is similar?

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Here's another nice one if you're into surround (theatre?) mixing:
more has been done with less

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I'm making 'kind of' psychedelic trance, which usually has lots of different sounds... I've got the lead lines and the kick and drums each in their own channel on the stm4896, using the channel compressors on my bass and kick, making the bass sound from the A1 vst nice n' tough.

I was hoping to keep this tune with the minimum number of instruments as pos and try to just 'trance' people out, but i love all those swirly noises so much i am putting em in now.

all of these 'incidental' sounds are going into one channel on the sfp mixer, having reverb applied there so they're in the same space.

I love the scope summing, really sounds great when u patch a new riff into another new channel in scope. I have just moved over to sx from logic and am slowly getting scope and sx to work together in a harmonious way.


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On 2005-10-26 15:22, sidx wrote:
ppl - in what kind of cases you using more then 2 asio destinations?
Edit: forgot to say -- this is on top of what garyb said above (multitracking)...

For example, to record 8 buses (1 vox, 1 bass, 2 guitar, 2 drums) to your sequencer.

Or to print effects to tape. E.g. if your DSP can't handle reverb at the same time as a mixer setup (common problem on 3 DSP cards), record the reverb and other FX and save them as tracks. Then you don't have to use up DSP during mixing to play the verb / other fx back.

Surround (5.1 or more).


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