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Does anybody know if the Volksampler is still supposed to work, that is under W7, 8 or 10 under 32/64 bit environments? Just though of the idea of using it to apply some old S1000 samples in a project. I believe the STS series converts the S1000 programs quite well and perhaps the Volkssampler uses the same import algorithms.


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Re: Volksampler

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It's 32bit. The STS series has the benefit of working in the Scope environment, but surely you can find other native options to convert Akai S1000 and act as a sampler?

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Re: Volksampler

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volkzampler can load directly, many other tools convert with pan-bug, you must correct the panorama of "stereo"-files,
an old winx86 machine 2gb ram +2tb hd +dc/dvd +adat-pci is the perfect s1000-clone (for me),
love the oldschool workflow with clear line, robot-algos and STS-connection!
+ tons of sounds

but can´t save the prg-pool...
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