STS X000 (dsp) < .p/.sts > volkzampler (native)

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STS X000 (dsp) < .p/.sts > volkzampler (native)

Post by Spielraum »

hey, anyone the same problem?

... have read now, DAS had programmed the "Volkszämpler" for cw?
ihave written them today...

http://www.soundandrecording.musikmache ... fset%29/10

... in pool can´t open the preset-management
i had bought this vsti with key (full version),
but button "Preset" is not displayed!
in the manual i read "...but it is confirmed in full version..."
ok it´s very old, but i need this features to interaction between
STS X000 (dsp) < .p/.sts > volkzampler (native)
scope XTC is not an option for me.
my XITE and PCI-systems are only studio-desktops.
i had bought the xpress-card for XITE, but never used...
(portabl connected over rme and .sts/.p library with vz ;)
please, can anyone help me?
my good old and very big .sts/.p library will be pleased!!
another vsti example halion or kontakt can´t read the lib without extern-conversion...

...this the old demo? or full

kind regards

ps.: i´m an idiot, buy and try not at same time...immer wieder das gleiche (a day must hve 48h, not 24) test now the xpress-card (bought 2010) :roll:

answer from slc (2012):
...there is no support for the Volkszampler. that, and other Creamware software
is archived by Sonic|Core, but it is merely a goodwill gesture. Sonic|Core
and Creamware are two different entities.
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