Wich channel for STS - preset list change?

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I'm trying to use the STS like a multi-timbral synth for live play:
For each separate song - Load a number of sample progams in a number of slots of the sts, say slots 1 to 5, on different midi channels like a multi-timbral synth. I also want to use different volume and pan settings for each such sample program. I save this multi-setup in the STS preset-list and assign a program number to it, say #1 for multiset1 (for use with song1), and #2 for multiset2 etc. This way I can create a new multisetup for each song. In these multisetups the same sample program might appear in different multisetups, but maybe at different volumes. SoftPad at hi volume in multiset1 but lower volume in multiset2 for example.

Question:If I later want to recall different multi-setups, what midi-channel should I send the program change messages (#1 for multiset1, #2 for multiset2) on?

Hope this made sense.

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