1984 (FrankenBowie)

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1984 (FrankenBowie)

Post by dante »

This is an experiment with a vocal isolator. I originally had parody lyrics about music gear in 1984, but I decided Bowies vocal sounded better so mixed them back in using an isolator.

Parody Lyrics (just for fun).
If we wanted to make music in 1970's
We had to join a band coz there was no technology
So then we got a four track even though it wasn't free
Machines that gave us more
In 1984

When Fairlights sent us bankrupt it began to take its toll
Ensoniq to the rescue with 8 bits of sampling gold
And MIDI was a goddess that soothed the savage soul
But we always wanted more
In 1984

Come See Come See Remember me ?
We forked out a five year purchase contract
For a DX machine in a 19 inch rack
In 1984, who could ask for more ?

We grew our hair like Wakeman to try to make it big
But it went out of fashion like the string synth in your rig
But If you had a Prophet, you could always get a gig
Coz they always wanted more
In 1984

Come See Come See Remember me ?
We bounced down to high speed audio tape
When 4 tracks weren't enough, we'd get in a huff
In 1984, because we wanted more ?


1984 1984 1984 (more)
1984 1984 (more)
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Re: 1984 (FrankenBowie)

Post by dawman »

Has those Mother Of Invention background box dialed in.
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