Another World v2 - Instrumental

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Another World v2 - Instrumental

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Main Scope Synths used
- Lightwave (first modulated sound)
- B2003 (doubles lightwave)
- Vectron (bass)
- SpaceF BB3 Osc 1 + FilteQ 1 with and without KrOn (distorded and echoed leads that enter the song at 0.50 s approx) + Echo 4 (some percussions are actually unexpected echoes).

- Pigments 2 + SpaceF Magma oscillators : various background sounds (most added sounds in the last part)
- Blue II: choirs
- Drums: NI Maschine, various sounds

Recorded with Modular Mixer v2, Mixed in Studio One @ 44.1 / 32 bits

Video in after effects with mlulti-track audio react, planet illustrations from royalty free wallpapers found on the web.

ANotherWorld-Thumb-2.png (377.84 KiB) Viewed 202 times
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Re: Another World v2 - Instrumental

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Great sounding composition.

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