Updated iRout Devices

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Updated iRout Devices

Post by mausmuso »

Hi here
Attached is the latest set of iRout devices.
There are 8, 16 and 24 matrix devices, each in two different configurations.

The iRout88, 1616 & 2424 versions have text faders to set the output channel for each input channel.
A short coming of these devices is due to the switching arrangement.
You can only save presets with one output per input channel.
You can select others while using the devices and you can save these configurations as presets, but they just won't load properly when the project is opened. You would have to reselect them from the saved presets.

The Lite versions do not have the text faders.
You need to set each matrix switch manually.
You can set as many outs per input channel as you like and they will save and reload with the project.

I have also included the latest iMonitor device. It is functionally the same as before, just reskinned.
This device is meant to be placed in the stereo output and allows a quick check of stereo, mono and mid side.
This is useful when mixing or when mastering your masterpieces.

Note: the 2424 versions are quite DSP hungry (lots of connections).
I found that if I put two of them into a project I started to run into connection issues (XITE-1).
I use a 2424 (ASIO ins) and a 1616 (ADAT A & B ins) in my default project and it all works fine.
Hope these devices are useful
Regards maus
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Re: Updated iRout Devices

Post by dawman »

Can't wait to try these when I get home.

Thanks Maus.... :)

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Re: Updated iRout Devices

Post by David »

Excellent, thank you

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Re: Updated iRout Devices

Post by yayajohn »

Thanks again maus your work is excellent

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