MOVEQ+ FREE V1.3b ---CORRECTED---; last edit 03.11.07

Scope device files created using the Scope SDK

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MOVEQ+ FREE V1.3b ---CORRECTED---; last edit 03.11.07

Post by MCCY »

Thanks for downloading MOVEQ+ so many times!!!!
Here comes MOVEQ+ 1.3.

I'm so sorry, that I realized 1 year after first release of a 'final' version, that dsp-distribution wasn't optimal. That could cause problems when using MOVEQ+ in my MOVamily-MS-processor.
Here comes the optimized versions 8 & 4 inluding the CUT-versions.
2-EQ-version was O.K. with dsp-distribution.

In the zip you'll find a little present to dry the tears. I call it "M-EQ-S". It's a very simple but nice device, I think.

I made an MS version of MOVEQ+ too, but so far I won't release it. There are enough MS-EQs like a MOVEQ+MS on the market.


corrected - sorry - as allways I was too fast with 1.3 release. Now everything is fine again.

P.S. As with any of my freeware devices which are in a way never-ending-betas I do not give any guaranty for anything. Try on your own risk!
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Post by hubird »

thanks Martin.
And I warn you, I will test it on ph... no I won't :-D
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Post by JLS »

Xmas before xmas :-)

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Post by Shilo »

Great move MC!
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Post by katano »


sorry, i can't believe it!! don't get me wrong, this is a great device! but how the hell could you offer it for free? there was/is so much work you and pixelbytes put into. Were you finally not allowed to sell it, cause creamware said so? i would at least include a donation link in this thread so everybody is able to honour your work not only with love!

thanx a million
may the force be with you
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Post by MCCY »

no problem katano. it was an absolutely free decision and I thought about it all the time.
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Post by djmicron »

nice to see your decision to share it.


p.s. i think it's a nice idea if you add a paypal address for free donations :)
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Post by Shroomz~> »

This is a fantastic decision!!

You're raising the standards Martin :cool:
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Post by hifiboom »

Hi Martin, wonderful decision....

thank you very much...

:o :o :P :wink: :wink: :wink:
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Post by ChampionSound »

Absolutely great Martin!!

I haven't tested your device yet before, but I'm sure it will sound really unique and top notch... Woohoo!! :)

*takes a deep bow*
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Post by stuff3d »

thanks for the excellent machine!
and genials handbook.........

Post by hubird »

I also pley for a shareware approach, it's huge :-)
respect to all who contributed to it :-)
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Mr Arkadin
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Post by Mr Arkadin »

i haven't tried all these, but what is PUSHER2G? i can't seem to open the panel. Cheers for the EQs they look nice - will be interesting to try out some BlackBox II satellites in your insert slots (as it were).
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Post by Shroomz~> »

Right click on the module in the routing window & you'll be able to open the panel. It's what you'd call a modulation mixer AFAIK.
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Post by Lima »


Welcome to the dawning of a new empire
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Post by Audiographe »


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Post by arela »

Has there ever been more device / development going on, as of now?
I'm happy :) - and thankfull.
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Post by marcuspocus »

Absolutely a georgous device!!!

Thanks alot MC, and bravo . This is really at least as good as any professional work i've seen so far.

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Post by cannonball »


thankz for this gift
if is possible contribute to your great works let us know
in any way you decide

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Post by voidar »

McCyrano, this is an amazing tool!
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