Midi Ch Router

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Midi Ch Router

Post by mausmuso »

A small midi router offering:
- 4 midi ins to 4 midi outs
- Each midi in can have 1 channel go to all outs or up to 4 different channels can go to the 4 outs

I use this mostly to manage my XITE Midi source, 2 x Sequencer sources and mixer CC, sending to XITE Midi Dest, 2 x Sequencer Dest and also Mixer CC sends/returns.
I hope this device is of some use to you?
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Re: Midi Ch Router

Post by Spielraum »

cool thx maus, and perfect for synthesist`s in combi with the STDR - MidiChannelChanger and your other filter tools...
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Re: Midi Ch Router

Post by dawman »

Thank you both...
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