FreqSplitter v0.1

Scope device files created using the Scope SDK

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FreqSplitter v0.1

Post by phatbob »

Here is the fisrt device I did using the SDK.

Before any explanations, I would like sincerely thank Mehdi, Shayne and Shroomz for their precious help.

This dev is inspired by the work of Alfonso on the Xoverslot.

This one has 3 bands that can be tune moving the red arrows. Each band passes through a stereo insert slot before gain and pan. I added directs out for each band in case someone would like control somthing in a freq dependent manner (sidechan compressor...)
All surface is controlable by mdi.

This dev was made NOT thinking of a traditional Xover, but more as a sound design tool.

Hope you enjoy

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Post by hifiboom »

cool !!
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Post by Shroomz~> »

Just wanted to say congratulations on your 1st Scope device release & well done !!!

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Post by bizarre »

Thanks :D
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Re: FreqSplitter v0.1

Post by Liquid EDGE »

Neat. Just what I was looking for.
Thanks for making it all those years ago. 👍
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Re: FreqSplitter v0.1

Post by Spielraum »

wow, planetZ, still revealing secrets, unbelievable!!
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