DADEV Dsp files pack - for compatibility needs

Scope device files created using the Scope SDK

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DADEV Dsp files pack - for compatibility needs

Post by valis »

We have had (at least one) user(s) asking for old dsp files from DADAV, a long missing developer. In the event that future users need that and find the archives linked in that thread missing, I have archived the dsp file pack here for posterity and future reference. Enjoy!
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Re: DADEV Dsp files pack - for compatibility needs

Post by Spielraum »

i can remember that the site presents a lot of suggestions and codes, I have to examine it again ...

we need a motherTopic Discussion> "DSP" what do you mean?
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do you have a possibility to contact sharc / simon?
i absolutely need his Loop v0.6!
i would like to finish it and more...
, unfortunately it does not respond to my requests :cry:
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