P90X Project

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P90X Project

Post by dawman »

Just in case you guys got any lead left in your pencils
I can vouge for the P90X Diet, and Excercise workout.
There's only one way to show your 6 Pack and that's by
dropping the caloric intake and Fat, and doing 2 hours
of cardio a day.
I have been prepping for the Palms Pool gig in August
because I might get lucky again. Old Dogs like me have
to start really early like in March if we want to have the
thang happening and I am 15 pounds away from
High School weight.............. :D
Anyways, I owe it to Scope and Warp69's fabulous reverb.
It sounds great.
If you notice the room where they are working out has
baffles and mats everywhere and the overhead mics did
record the audio well as you can hear thier feet occassionally,
but I get bored w/o having some space on the vocals.
The DVD's and the program are great and do as advertised.
The workouts are totally different and their 18 DVD's so the
way they trick and shock the various muscle groups is the
top of the game workout.
I can even attach Celmos Tape Echo and stomp on the pedal
when they do their yells if I wanted.
I like tails.
ANyways, Scope and Warp69 have earned their pay again and
again at every turn I take.....

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Re: P90X Project

Post by siriusbliss »

I'm working on the 60-day insanity workout myself.

Have to keep up with my superstar nephews and nieces - and it's beach season starting next week.

I agree re: anything 'Warped' :lol: Good stuff.


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Re: P90X Project

Post by dawman »

The Chorus-Delay plug is so fierce I can barely add width to the space.
I could make a Modular Patch and use Roys' Stereo Width Plug but I'd rather workout.
Speaking of a workout, I use my old 4U still and am re formatting all drives, then re installing all sample libraries, then using Acronis I will take the old Raptors and turn them into hot spares.
Just snagged a pair of VelociRaptors for promising tracks all summer, at my convenience of course. Everybody is so tight with a buck here, we barter used gear......... :lol:
They have only been used for 3 months and then were replaced by 4 x Intels in a RAID 0 config... :o
He's a video archiver on the side.


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Re: P90X Project

Post by yayajohn »

I've pee'd way more than 90 times and i haven't lost a single pound....what gives? Should I drink more beer?

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Re: P90X Project

Post by spacef »

there's nothing like Zumba,
the girls are sexier and make you run longer :-)
20 mn warm up + 60 min cardio live party ....
and you can even pretend you're a good dancer after that :D !
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Re: P90X Project

Post by David »

Come to Boston and Skegness, where the chicks are so fat you have to gain weight just to get in their eyeline.... what you do with them after that just puzzles the mind though it is probably an insensitive cardio workout

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