the19thbears SDK thread

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the19thbears SDK thread

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First of all:
Moderators: Feel free to delete this if you don't think it's a good idea.

I plan on asking questions here and then hopefully get answers, along with me posting whatever things I find out that I couldnt figure out myself/find in any other documents.

The idea is that other people in the future will benifit from this thread, by reading the questions and answers etc.

First question:

Whenver i try to add an osc and connect it to the "f" out of the "midi voice control easy" (or any other midi voice control) I get"cannot add notification to sync output Midi Voice Control Easy 16.Freq

No matter what oscillator type.
What is up with that? I suspect it's an async/sync thing. How do I fix this?

Use a "Negative Long" in between the connections.

Also, how do I set the polyphony of a synth?
Use the "DynVOicesOfParent", make a new pot and connect it to the input. Se the min/max to fo rinstace 1 and 4

How can I make a module have true polyphony? In the sense that I have osc/filter/amp section pr voice? Not just copies of a voice when setting the voice count higher than one.
Would like to have for instance S/H running, in different random ways on different voices, so they dont all "random" the same way.
How should I approach that?

USe the MIX 2(or any other number). Don't use Add 2N (or other numbers). The latter does not seem to respond t o polyphony
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Re: the19thbears SDK thread

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Re: the19thbears SDK thread

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I like this thread already.
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