Adding parameters to a preset list

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Adding parameters to a preset list

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Just a quick video as I am editing Magma synth.
1/ - adding parameters to the Parameter Tree (basically, you add a controller pad that is connected to a graphic, not the Graphic Value: it allows to change the graphics while the parameter is saved anyways, also, the pad is "in between" graphics and engine modules - so all this allows to change graphics and internal modules but all parameters will be saved anyways = good for updates, changes of mind, build a different device on the same base).
2/ - adding the parameters to one or several preset lists
3/ - options in the Module Parameters (check video description). AS this is an update with new parameters, most of the new parameters are defaulted to zero or a neutral state, so old presets will load just as they were made.

It is better to add parameters to the preset lists as you build the device, rather than wait until all is done. Reason: allows to make presets while you build.

music in the background, Gary Numann. You hear magma a little bit at the begining and at the end.

Just killing time :-)
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