NDA for SDK?

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NDA for SDK?

Post by sunmachine »

I got an SDK 5 key with one of my SCOPE systems I bought second hand.
I've read somewhere that there was an NDA to sign, at least at Creamware days...

So my questions are...

1. Is there still an NDA for the current Sonic Core SDK 5/6?
2. Is it allowed to sell devices that were made with the SDK? AFAIK that wasn't the case back then...?

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Re: NDA for SDK?

Post by tlaskows »

I have the 5.1 SDK and I didn't need an NDA.

But I cannot get into the modules or write DSP files, so that's probably why.

If you're gonna use parts of devices or modify the devices that someone doesn't have the key for, they will probably not authorize.

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