PresetParameterTree (new FROM old) PresetListLoader

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PresetParameterTree (new FROM old) PresetListLoader

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hey leute, kann mir jemand sagen, wo und wie der "alte" PresetListLoader die presetdaten sammelt. er scheint mehr zu sammeln als mit dem "neuen" PresetParameterTree möglich ist. eine connection der object-reference pads "alt"<>"neu" bringt keinen erfolg. derzeit kann ich einige sehr wichtige parameter nicht von "alt" nach "neu" vernetzten. da die benötigten parameter pad-vars nicht gezeigt werden. der "alte" presetloader kann sich ohne parameter pad-vars vernetzen?, und presets können gespeichert und geladen werden. leider sind die module 20 jahre alt, und die lieben entwickler über alle berge verstreut, und antworten nicht mehr... leider finde ich nur sehr sparsame infos im scope DP manual.htm.
gibt es unsichtbare parameter pad-variablen, die über andere wege connected werden können? (ich meine nicht die "hidden" pads)

hey guys, can someone tell me where and how the "old" PresetListLoader collects the preset data. it seems to collect more than is possible with the "new" PresetParameterTree. a connection of the object-reference pads "old" <> "new" is not successful. I am currently unable to link some important parameters from "old" to "new". since the required parameters pad-vars are not shown. the "old" PresetListLoader can network without parameter pad-vars?, and presets can be saved and loaded. Unfortunately, the modules are 20 years old, and the dear developers are scattered over all the mountains, and no longer answer ... Unfortunately, I find only very economical information in the scope DP manual.htm.
there are invisible parameters pad-variable with other ways to connected? (I don't mean the "hidden" pads)

Excerpt ScopeDP (© 2000, 2001 CW):
Parameterization and Preset List
The parameterization of the devices and the new preset list are related to each other. Until now when saving a project or a preset snapshots of the state of all pads of each module were saved. When you take into account that every device has several modules you can imagine that there are plenty of pads which states had to be saved with such a snapshot. The results were huge preset files and long loading times for presets and projects.

The new concept allows you to explicitly select only the important parameters to be saved in the preset list. Thus it helps to greatly reduce the size and the necessary time to load a preset or project.

Furthermore it gets easier to exchange modules of a device. Before each module was referenced by its ModuleID in the presets causing incompatibility problems with the old presets. The new preset lists only reference parameterized pads which will facilitate a lot of things. It is now even possible to share presets between similar devices with identical preset parameters.

Preset List
The preset list is very closely related to the new parameter concept. To date a preset was a snapshot of a device including the current states and values of all modules including all their pads. As a result the size of the presets was huge and loading/saving took some time. The new parameter concept and the new preset list reduce the size and the loading/saving time of presets enormously.
Additionally as the preset list holds only references to the pads of your device it is easier to exchange modules, re-use presets for similar devices etc.

The values of the pads referenced through the preset list are stored in the presets.

To create a new preset list for your device follow the steps below:
Do not delete the old Preset List Loader and the old presets. You will need them to convert old presets for the new preset list.


there are no further details :-?
i need more presetlink-infos about the "old" PresetListLoader
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