Yaron goes to NI !!!

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Re: Yaron goes to NI !!!

Post by dawman »

I wish there was a black Wednesday for developers where we could pay double for devices and instruments.
Once a year the tables should be turned and we hook up the developers for their time.

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Re: Yaron goes to NI !!!

Post by David »

Gloomy Sunday and the Blue Mondays aint they enough to payback genius magicians with their computational whotsits and learned knowhow?
I'm down with the money for the technical wizardry that make stereo sounds which come from in mind.
But adding a black Wednesday to the mix?!
I'm with fully supporting the longevity of scopus maximus and sounds from within
Buy more, be happy
Happiness comes from purchases which bring sounds from within

Merry Xmas to developers who know the score

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