Pulsar 2 not working

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Pulsar 2 not working

Post by claudioD »

I have my Pulsar 2 Zlink not working with the error SRAM TEST FAILED ....
tried cleaning the contacts with isopropanol , nothing

do you know if there is a chance that some Service Center could check and eventually repair it ?
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Re: Pulsar 2 not working

Post by astroman »

This message can be misleading, I remember it from a Pulsar One...
In the end (in my case) it were the buffer caps around the SRams, located at the bottom right end side of the PCI connector.
It’s about the 2 small silver tubes and if you only spot one or none at all, they may have come off accidently while placing the card into the slot.
There‘s another pair of such caps right beneath the SRams at the beginning of the empty area with the voltge reulator.
These caps are much easier to resolder than the old through hole things of the Pulsar One.
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Re: Pulsar 2 not working

Post by garyb »

a good tech may be able to replace the capacitors, if that is the problem.
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