Installing SCOPE 7 on X64 O/S

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Re: Installing SCOPE 7 on X64 O/S

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If memory serves, STS doesn’t work because it relies on (coding) frameworks that are no longer maintained by the original source.

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Re: Installing SCOPE 7 on X64 O/S

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garyb wrote:
Sun Oct 11, 2020 6:37 am
i don't know about 3rd party, but it certainly applies to stock delays(which DO work in inserts or the multifx modules).

Ok, thanks for the info! I'll test later to see if the bug also applies to third-party and modular delays. Hopefully that knowledge won't cost me too much :) ..

@Bud Weiser, much appreciate the info about samples crashing Modular. I am 100% certain i would've ran into that issue and still might occassionaly; but being aware of it should help immensely. Hopefully it is fixed in v7.1 since it is a bit difficult to avoide.

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